The Growth Project

GROWTH (Growing European Youth Awareness) aimed to involve the young generations in a great meeting, to promote the values of the European Union such as solidarity, confrontation, and mutual respect, and to fight the growing Euroscepticism.

The Municipal Administration implemented the GROWTH project, involving the Twin Cities. The project planned to have 120 teenagers, aged between 15 and 17, coming to Frascati from the municipalities of Saint-Cloud (F), Bonn Bad Godesberg (G), Kortrijk (B), Windsor and Maidenhead (UK), for an in-depth reflection on the importance of the European Community and its values and on how the Union can be a stimulus - and not an obstacle - to their aspirations.

GROWTH did not want to be just a moment of meeting, in which transferring knowledge to the participants through conferences, but it wanted to be a laboratory of new ideas developed by young people. And it also wanted to set up a joyful atmosphere organizing some sports competitions and other relaxing moments, like concerts and parties.

The day before, this initiative was anticipated by the meeting of the institutional delegations of Mayors and councilors that came along with the young people, for having a constructive contribution and a different point of view by whom are working actively to govern these cities.

The purpose was to increase the pride and sense of belonging to the European Union. We are sure that thanks to this experience a greater awareness for the EU have spread out, giving also information about why the Eu have founded, how it works, and how it will evolve in the future.


Discover the video story of the event